Mongolian Transport Corporation will pilot OBORTECH, a blockchain and IoT system for shipment and supply chain

 Mongolian Transport Corporation (MTC) will pilot OBORTECH – Smart Logistics Hub on its meat export shipments from Mongolia to China. The Smart Logistics Hub is a fully digital ecosystem for all actors in supply chain, which they can remotely collaborate in a decentralized blockchain network. Particularly, the Smart Logistics Hub provides:

  • Blockchain and cloud powered communication hub
  • Tamper-proof, unified and online document exchange
  • IoT based real-time visibility and tracking
  • Open and decentralized networking marketplace

MTC sees benefits of the Smart Logistics Hub on monitoring physical condition of perishable products, especially meat, throughout the shipment process, and its data recordings on a tamper-proof blockchain system. MTC believes the system will build more trust and mitigate disputes between its clients on a shipment process.